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MARTIN CLANCy - managing director

As a warehouse operator you will no doubt have faced or may be about to face a build program for a warehouse extension or perhaps a brand new facility. In order to maximise flexibility and gain real operational advantage our customers often engage with us at the architectural design and planning stage.

Key considerations such as machine capacities at height, aisle widths, concrete floor flatness and overhead obstructions are best factored into the facility design process from the outset

When this approach is adopted it facilitates the optimal design of the warehouse and operational space.

• Chemsource

A long standing customer, Chemsource is currently developing a logistics site in Macetown, Dublin. Davcon were engaged with throughout the design and build stages to ensure that a pristine Very Narrow Aisle facility was delivered for Chemsource. They operate a number of the class leading Magaziner EK20 with its 2000kg capacity.

McArdle Skeath
• McArdle Skeath

This customer expressed an interest in developing a Dublin focussed logistics site. In consultation with Davcon and various other design professionals, McArdle’s sought and were granted planning permission for Ireland’s tallest logistics warehouse. Davcon installed and commissioned a fleet of Ireland’s tallest Very Narrow Aisle forklifts to service this building. The 20 metre high McArdle Skeath warehouse, located in Hollywoodrath in Dublin, was effectively designed around the specification of the Magaziner EK15XL Very Narrow Aisle forklift.

The moral of this story is that you cannot talk to your Very Narrow Aisle forklift supplier too soon in any warehouse design process

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