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Davcon - McArdle Skeath
Davcon - Pinewood Healthcare

McArdle Skeath Expands their Magaziner VNA Fleet in Hollystown, Dublin 15

Heavy lifting was the name of the game at the McArdle Skeath warehouse in Dublin 15 as #thenarrowaisleguys installed a few more Magaziner Man Up trucks for our friends in McArdle Skeath.

This latest delivery brings McArdle Skeath’s Dublin based Magaziner VNA fleet to 5 units, all lifting 1000kg to 17.6 metres. We must thank our friends at Sean Meade Heavy Lift, Zeelantic Transport and M50 Power Solutions for their assistance with the delivery and commissioning process. #nothingbeatsamagaziner.

Davcon - Pinewood Healthcare Payne Pallet Inverters
Davcon - Pinewood Healthcare

Replacement Payne Triple L Pallet Inverter for Pinewood Healthcare, Clonmel

One of our installation teams completed the installation and commissioning of a new Payne Triple L Pallet Inverter for our friends at Pinewood Healthcare in Clonmel.

This unit is loaded via a ramp, has a capacity of 2000kg with an opening and closing range of 2000mm to 610mm. Depending upon the type of load to be inverted the operator can select a number of different clamp forces to ensure that the load is secured but not damaged.

Payne Pallet Inverters developed the very first Pallet Inverter for ICI Fertilisers some 45 years ago and now offer a wide variety of standard and customised inversion and tipping solutions. 15/2/19 –

C and G Narrow Aisle Truck
C and G Narrow Aisle Truck

Installation and commissioning of a brand new EK1500 Very Narrow Aisle truck.

We are very pleased to welcome C&G Logistics to the Magaziner Ireland family. Today saw the installation and commissioning of a brand new EK1500 Very Narrow Aisle truck. 

We would like to thank Patrick Wogan (GM) and his team for making a great decision in selecting both Davcon Warehouse Machinery and Magaziner as their supplier of choice after a comprehensive tendering procedure. We look forward to the opportunity of supporting your operation for many years to come. 7/12/18

#nothingbeatsamagaziner #thenarrowaisleguys.


New Magaziner EK20, 2000kg VNA forklift for Chemsource

Today our installation team were hard at work delivering and commissioning a new Magaziner EK20, 2000kg VNA forklift for Chemsource in Dublin 15. Since supplying our first machine to this customer in 2004, this delivery brings the number of Magaziner’s in their MHE fleet to 6.

The Magaziner EK20 is the only Very Narrow Aisle Man-up forklift that is capable of lifting 2000kg capacity loads within the confines of a narrow aisle.

We are very grateful, once again, to be selected to meet Chemsource’s VNA requirements and look forward to continuing our supply and support of their fleet of Magaziner machines.  4/7/18

South Wales Industrial Equipment

South Wales Industrial Equipment

Toyoda Gosei

We are pleased to report that our Port Talbot distribution partners have recently secured an order from Swansea based, Toyoda Gosei Company, the automobile component manufacturer. Magaziner are currently completing the final touches to the 1100kg capacity EK11 which will be shipped to Wales on the 22/6/18.

Congratulations to Bernard Colston (MD) and the team at South Wales Industrial Equipment for securing the sale and continuing their ongoing association with both Davcon and Magaziner. 1/6/18 -

Sample title
Sample title

Linden Foods, Dungannon – Conquering the Cold Store

Linden Foods are part of the wider ABP Food Group which includes household Irish brand names such as Slaney Foods and Irish Country Meats. Davcon have recently delivered and commissioned Linden’s second generation EK12 cold store specification Very Narrow Aisle man up forklift.

Magaziner’s cold store offering is unique in the industry, it is the only VNA turret machine that prefers to live exclusively within the confines of the cold store environment. Special cold store modifications are completed by Magaziner during the production process including the use of special mast greasing, heated lubricants and insulation for all of the major components and electronics. 11/5/18 –

Independent Express Cargo

Independent Express Cargo

Independent Express Cargo – amongst the first adopters of the revolutionary Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) powered BYD forklift.

We were pleased to deliver some next generation lithium powered BYD forklifts to Independent Express Cargo. The battery technology associated with the BYD electric range of forklifts enabled the company to win the International Forklift of the Year Price 2016. This technology is available in a range of machines from 1500kg to 5000kg. - 3/5/18 –

The BYD battery technology is truly game changing:


• A 100% maintenance free battery solution – no water, no acid....NO DAILY CHECKS, PERIOD!
• Extended warranty – 5 year (6000 hours) on truck, 8 year (10000 hours) warranty on battery
• Super quick recharging – charger is exceptionally efficient when compared to traditional chargers – truck will recharge from empty in 60 to 90 mins, depending on battery size.
• Perfect for double or extended shift operation - opportunity charging for 20 minutes (break time) will increase charge by approximately 25%.

We would like to wish Owen Cooke and his team at Independent Express continued success as they continue to serve the 3PL needs of Irish industry with their fleet of Magaziner Very Narrow Aisle and BYD forklifts.

McArdle Skeath
McArdle Skeath

McArdle Skeath – Mastering the skies in Blanchardstown

McArdle Skeath’s new temperature controlled logistics warehouse in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. This warehouse is currently the tallest freestanding narrow aisle warehouse on the Island of Ireland. Central to the operation of this new facility are 4 recently commissioned, German manufactured, Magaziner Very Narrow Aisle EK15XL forklifts.

Davcon were centrally involved from the early design stages of this project, this building was effectively designed around the capabilities of the Magaziner Very Narrow Aisle machinery. Once fully operational the fleet of Very Narrow Aisle Turret Machinery will lift 1000kg to a top beam of 17.4m. The fleet of equipment has also been prepared for potential conversion to driverless operation at some future point in time. 17/7/17 -

We wish our friends Michael, Micheál and all the team at McArdle Skeath continued success for the next 50 years.